Cestash Pink and White Cupcake Wrappers (Pack of 50)

Q7-07KJ-F4LV $8.99

It’s the time to party! And nothing spreads the cheer among tiny tots than these cute pink and white cupcake wrappers. 

The bunny face wrappers are a hit with kids of all ages. So if you are hosting a themed birthday party, or a baby shower or even a fun gathering, these set of 50 bunny face pink and white cupcake wrappers are sure going to steal the show and some hearts as well.

If you are a home baker these pink and white muffin liners are a snazzy (read elegant but fun), way to enhance the appearance of your cupcakes and muffins and make your little one’s special day or a special occasion extra special. Just line up the goodies in these bunny wrappers and watch those chocolate smeared faces light up. Coz kids love to paw-ty!