Disposable Cornstarch Spoons - Set of 120


Secure Hope With A Spoon

Committed to a sustainable lifestyle? Then check out these disposable spoons made of cornstarch. Get all the benefits of a spoon minus the toxic effects of plastic with these 100% natural spoons made from cornstarch. Yes you heard that right!

These disposable, biodegradable spoons are the answer to single use plastic spoons and are great to have around for parties, picnics and get-togethers. These organic cornstarch spoons are completely natural and can also be reused to give you more than your money’s worth. Just rinse them, dry them and they are good to go again.

Shipped in custom made paper boxes, the ‘pack of 120’ straws come in 3 colors –white, green and rose. So join us in our stand for a sustainable lifestyle in order to protect the oceans and the environment. Order now and do your good deed of the day.