Cestash Red and White Popcorn Boxes for Party (Pack of 48)

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Get your popcorn ready, coz these trendy self attaching popcorn boxes are sure going to steal the show on movie nights, barbeque binges, gregarious get-togethers or just about any & every kind of get together.

A slight press on either side pops them open and the bottom flaps lock into place ensuring no leaks or spills. These 300 gsm thick popcorn boxes are strong enough to hold more than just popcorn, so you can also load up with cheese balls or meat balls, some warm homemade pretzels or temptingly golden corn fritters and get the party buzzing.

An American original, these classic popcorn boxes are absolutely convenient to have around. Just pop the box open, "Scoop" in corn, savories or even candies, then set it on a flat surface next to you while you play a game or watch a movie or just catch up on conversation.