Cestash 12 oz Coffee Cups with Lids (Pack of 100)

QQ-SHX6-7COL $28.99

If you are the kind of person for whom coffee is a survival juice, then these 12 oz coffee cups with lids have got you covered. Get a piping cup of coffee to go and you are all set to take the day by the horns metaphorically speaking.   

These red and black color coffee cups are just perfect when you’re faced with that long daily commute in to work. The ripple walls add further insulation to protect your hands from heat while ensuring your coffee stays warm longer. They can also be used during informal gatherings or get-togethers. 

We want your coffee to be hot and stay hot. This is why these coffee cups are made of thick premium quality paper. It keeps the heat locked in & also prevents leaks or seepage.