100% Natural Bamboo Straws with Bag and Cleaning Brush - Pack of 10


Sip to Save

If you are an environmentalist, deeply concerned about the degradation of the planet, here’s just the thing you were looking for. These reusable drinking straws made of organic bamboo are the solution to single use plastic straws which have proved detrimental to the oceans and marine lives.

Completely natural and reusable, these straws come neatly packaged, in plastic free packaging. Each pack consists of 6 straws of 8" and 4 straws of 9”, a total of 10 straws in a pack with the caption ‘Save the Ocean One Straw at a Time' neatly engraved on each straw.

The elegantly designed pack promotes a noble cause and you can do your bit by gifting it to family or friends. Or just set a trend by carrying these elegant reusable drinking straws wherever you go whether to a restaurant or a party and promote the cause of your planet, coz what we save, saves us right back.

Switch to bamboo straws and help reduce the plastic footprint.