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Cestash is renowned for its merchandising services & solutions for individual entrepreneurs, wholesalers & established businesses interested in the sale of products that are rudiments to everyday living. We have recognized the significance of providing all requisite information to our dealers to encourage and assist them to build their individual goodwill and carve their individual niche.

Our Products:
Cestash offers its wholesale associates with a wide range of products like pre-folded paper popcorn boxes, wall mount planter plots, porcelain soufflé cups and stainless steel taco holders to name a few.

Our products are carefully chosen on the premise of ‘less is more’. The underlying principle of every product is to enjoy the joys of life in an uncluttered but meaningful manner. 

Order Quantities Pricing:
We facilitate all orders, big and small and guarantee the most competitive prices towards the requirements of individual inquiries.

Wholesale Account
You can start your journey as a wholesaler with us right here. Please fill all details in the inquiry form given below.

We try our best to revert on all inquiries within 48 hours of receiving them.