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The term adding value to life usually brings to mind pictures of people – family and friends who are an integral part of our daily lives, people we’ve crossed paths with at some point or the other but who nevertheless left their footprints in our hearts and minds or even the countless relationships that we form over the span of our lives.

A Google search on the topic will bring up a vast number of articles and quotes that speak about the importance of relationships with family and friends and how it adds add value to life.

But allow us a moment here to step aside from the well trodden path and ponder not only on people and relations but also on how the things we own and buy add value to our lives. Do they really? There is a very old and oft quoted saying that goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

So an object or an artwork or a collection of letters, or even a small piece of jewelry (we could go on and on) that might hold great value for you might just be junk for another. Some of the most priceless works of art and antiques have usually been found at yard sales, garage sales etc.

At Cestash, we are all about sourcing utility or functional products that add value to your daily life. From the wall mounted planter pot that allows you to bring a small bit of nature indoors to the colourful soufflé bowls that warm the heart with their delightful pastel shades and allow you to whip up some delicious treats for family and friends – Cestash is all about value addition.

We believe in the adage - If it doesn’t add value to your life, it doesn’t belong there.