Wine Bottle Protector - Pack of 4

JF-XZQC-19E9 $15.99

This one’s for all you wine lovers out there.

The Wine Bottle Protector is every wine aficionados dream come true. A great travel ally, these bags come extremely handy when you want to carry along or carry back your favorite wine and are large enough to securely hold all standard 750 ml glass bottles.

Made from premium, high quality PVC plastic, the set of 4 bags are a complete value for money. Think all those cracked bottles and spilled drinks from all your travels.

Easy to use, just slide out the removable bubble wrap sleeve, insert your bottle into it and slide it back into the main bag. Seal the double zip-lock, fold and fasten the Velcro and your bottles are good to go.

These premium wine protector bags are lightweight, compact, functional & elegant and make for great gifting options for wine lovers and globetrotters alike. There’s always one for the road with these sleek wine bottle protectors.