Unique Wedding Table Number Ideas

Whether your wedding party is supposed to be formal or informal, there are some essentials that add to the aesthetic of the theme whereas there are some that need to be there from a logistical viewpoint. Ergo, figuring out how to decorate your wedding tables at the reception can be quite a challenge.

Every bride wants something unique for her wedding reception and what better way to do just that than by embellishing your wedding table with customized wedding table numbers?

Fortunately, most wedding table numbers are as appealing as they are functional- if you like staying organized, that is!

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According to the bride’s budget and personal taste, she can personalize her table décor and choose from array of choices including style, font, colour, pictures, etc.

These wedding table numbers can be customized with any theme, quote, or even the couple’s favourite travel photos to create a bond between the couple and the guests along with helping them find their seats in style.

So, we’ve rounded up a couple of unique wedding table number ideas that are definitely worth checking out.

wine-cork-wedding-table-numbers | Cestash

Source: Juxtapost

Cork It Up

‘Tis the perfect choice for wine lovers!

There are ample ways of incorporating wine bottles and corks- and your love of wine in your wedding décor to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Instead of traditional placards, you can let your creativity flow by gluing multiple corks together to form striking cork number sculptures or if you do want to go the traditional way, you can simply create an opening in the wine cork to insert place cards with appropriate table numbers.

Budget friendly and easy to make, this is great for the those who want to blend both affordable and unique.

Gold Wedding Table Numbers | Cestash

Gatsby Inspired

These freestanding wooden digits are tastefully crafted to take you back to the twenties with their gold and glitzy Art Deco look.

Although touted as wedding table numbers, with just a little bit of imagination, these can easily be reused for corporate events, baby showers and birthday parties!

Add a dash of black and gold to your theme and these wedding table numbers will give your wedding party a whole new take on Gatsby Inspired vintage.

Check out Cestash’s collection of gold wedding table numbers here.

Travel-theme-wedding-table-numbers | Cestash

Source: onceuponatimeawedding

Around The World In One Day

Perfect for those who share a love for travelling, the wedding tables are named after a city or state significant to the couple.

However, instead of using numbers to mark tables, maps are used to indicate where each person should sit.

agate-geode-wedding-table-numbers | Cestash
Source: Harwell Photography/Mon Cheri Bridals

All-Natural Geodes 

Agate accents look brilliant when you’re trying to pull off a boho-chic theme.

Basically, instead of using the old-style wedding table numbers, numbers can be painted on geodes to make it easier for people to find their seats.

Decide the colour scheme of your wedding and then take your pick of geodes to go with the theme or you can segregate tables by using different colours!

comic-book-wedding-table-numbers | Cestash

Source: rhitfrogger

One For The Comic Book Enthusiasts

Rejoice, Marvel and DC fans!

Decorate little cubes with your favourite comic book strips and paint your wedding table numbers on one side or use your favourite comic book covers to help your guests navigate their way to their seats and know a little more about you.

Both creative and interesting, these wedding table numbers will definitely have your fellow fans fighting over the wedding centrepieces.

book-wedding-table-number | Cestash

Source: theweddingplaybook

For The Book Lovers

Over the last few years, book-themed weddings have become a trend among bibliophiles.

Pages have been used as hanging banners, books distributed as party favours but book-themed wedding table numbers are relatively unheard of.

A brilliant addition to just about any event, these wedding table numbers are a must for anyone who wants be in the presence of their favourite books on their special day.

rustic-wedding-table-number | Cestash

Source: Belle the Magazine

A Dash Of Rustic


Made from an eclectic mix of house numbers, barn wood and vintage door knobs, these barn-inspired wedding table numbers blend well with fall and country-themed weddings.

Mix it up a little with pastel-coloured flower arrangements to make your rustic design a tad romantic or add small fairy lights around the design to make a statement.

vintage-vinyl-record-wedding-table-number | Cestash

Go Back In Time

Designed for music lovers, these Retro Vinyl Record table numbers are perfect for any music-themed wedding party or reception.

Add retro charm to your wedding and transform the wedding tables with your favourite records or artists displaying the table numbers.

It’s easy to look at table numbers as something to tick off your to-do list but by putting adequate thought into it, you can make a décor statement out of this tiny detail.

How, you might ask?

Dive right in and embrace all the aspects of your wedding- everything from your theme to the flower arrangements to the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses! Most of all, understand the essence of your wedding’s theme, be it vintage, modern or rustic.

Additionally, it’s also possible to personalize the aesthetics by choosing items that tell your story or reveal your personalities or even your favourite locations as we saw in one of the examples above.

At the end of the day, you’ll want your guests to see what you picked and think, “This reminds me of them!”

Regardless of what you end up choosing, start looking for your inspiration for wedding table numbers here.


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