Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing and Healthy Without Stepping into A Salon

Bad skin displays what is going on, inside of your body. This is why drinking a tall glass of water every morning upon waking up helps your body flush everything terrible stored inside you and gives it a pristine start. We are all, after all, aiming for glowing and healthy skin. 

You would be surprised to hear that you do not need to spend a lot of money on buying expensive skincare products. You just need to look into your refrigerator or food cabinets. Use existing products that are present in your home. You can also just take advantage of the goodies that nature provides and that too completely free of charge. 

If you need a review of what is helpful and not, reconsider going through these ten top notch proven tips to give your skin the revamps that it needs: 


  1. First and foremost you need to start eating foods that help rinse the toxic elements in your skin. Start by picking out or opting for healthier and smarter food choices. Say, for instance, you cannot do without your favorite burger, you can skip the French fries and the soda. Ensure that a lot of your meals also include portions of salads. Nutritionists also suggest snacking on fruit or two 15 to 20 minutes before mealtimes. 

  2. You will also notice vast improvements when you drastically reduce refined carbs and sugar and replace them with vegetables. You’ll be surprised at how fast the changes reflect on your skin. From looking dull and unhealthy to radiantly healthy skin, the changes will be there for all to see.
  3. You’ll never go old with your vitamin D supply from the sun, and in the winter, you can always opt to take vitamin D supplements or get your fix by eating food that is rich in Vitamin D, B6, B12, and Vitamin C.

  4. When we talk of malnutrition it does not only mean a deficiency of food. When your diet only consists of food that has zero nutritional value, your body will lack the compelling antioxidants and nutrients it needs to thrive and be healthy. You can’t expect glowing skin if all you eat is health-damaging junk food and fatty meals.

  5. If there’s a need to put more emphasis on eating and living healthy, you’ll get this from us. Ensure a moderate daily intake of fruit (especially avocados, dragon fruits, and berries)and vegetables plus lean proteins. Overcome bad lifestyle habits that are hard to break like drinking liquor, taking drugs, and smoking tobacco. Eating the wrong kind of food or indulging in unhealthy methods like starving or bingeing are also habits that you should consider giving up on.

  6. High-intensity workouts are a quick way to clear out skin. Intense exercise produces heat and increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to the body. More oxygen supply and nutrients in your skin also mean more chances of renewed cell growth, reflected in an increased renewal rate of the cells.

  7. When you have a lot of time at home, incorporate activities that make you hot and sweaty. Use mobile applications with free workouts. If you're not in the condition to work out, you can go hiking or brisk walking to get clear skin. After exercising, you can exfoliate in order to get rid of dead skin cells. Exfoliating should be done twice a week. Using micellar water to clean your skin every once in a while is also a good idea.

  8. If micellar water is unavailable and especially if you have some breakouts, substitute the micellar water with a cleanser that contains salicylic acid but we’d advise on not using it on a daily basis. If your skin does not clear out in spite of all your best efforts see a dermatologist.
    Top-10-Tips-to-Keep-Your-Skin-Glowing-and-Healthy-Without-Stepping-into A-Salon
  9. Stay away from using refined sugar as much as possible. Instead, replace it with Jaggery.

    Top-10-Tips-to-Keep-Your-Skin-Glowing-and-Healthy-Without-Stepping-into A-Salon
  10. You need not spend an obscene amount of money on buying cosmetics that are packed with chemicals. Instead, use gram flour which is considered as one of the best natural cleansers followed by a  moisturizer. Moisturizing regularly is absolutely vital, come what may.  Also, make sure you check the ingredient list of any skincare products you buy. It is important to know what you are putting on to your skin. 

    Follow healthy eating and lifestyle habits and we guarantee that you can expect great results. It’s never too late to incorporate a healthy skin care routine in order to achieve the kind of skin you have always wanted to see when you look at the mirror. 

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