The Segre-Gateway to a Relaxed Life

Waste is something that is part of our daily life. The more you consume, the more you expel. It’s important to understand the benefits of waste management. Avoid segregation and you give way to an unhealthy environment around you caused primarily because of stagnation.


While segregating, one needs to keep in mind the various kinds of household remnants. They can be classified into liquids, such as cleaning liquids and used detergents, or even solid remains such as old newspapers, broken furniture, etc.


Then again, there also are food leftovers, fruit & vegetable peels, and yes, even dog poop, classified as organic emissions, which decompose easily. There also are recyclable items that you throw away such as plastics and glass products.

 woman segregating organic waste

You must be careful, however, while dumping hazardous substances like bulbs or thermostats as they are inflammable, reactive and downright toxic in nature. An extensive list of the different types of things individuals throw out daily can be found here.


Just looking at the sheer amount of the types of items we dispose is enough to trigger a headache. So just imagine taking time of your busy schedule and actually segregating it! Phew!


I segregate my garbage daily, and I suggest you do the same as it helps in leading a healthy life. This process however, takes up a lot of time and effort. The easiest way around this would be to nip this problem in the bud.

 woman segregating paper waste

By simply consuming or purchasing less, you will automatically have less to dispose. In doing so, you don’t spend precious hours of your day categorizing junk and disposing of it.


Buy only what you require. Anything more or in excess is essentially junk. 


At the rate at which people indulge, it appears almost impossible to get freedom from the hassle of segregation completely. However, the solution lies in smart purchases and understanding the benefits of waste management. Dry articles such as plastics, metals and paper can be reduced by purchasing reusable products. Similarly, wet matter such as remains of food can be minimized by simply consuming what you require and nothing more.

 woman teaching children about waste management

A simplistic lifestyle with just what you need, leads to a more comfortable, leisurely, and above all, a healthy life.


Segregate your waste, be smart and purchase sensibly. By understanding the benefits of waste management, you will save a lot of time, and will be able to give a new meaning to every single day.


Don’t WASTE your life away, optimize it.

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