Is Veganism the Future?

A New Fad Diet and Whether It Helps Skin?

In a world where lifestyle and diets are fads, fleeting, and flying as quickly as each second of your day passes, it's crucial to be picky when it comes to choosing which lifestyle to trust and what is reliable when it comes to taking care of your skin.

Check out It says 1.5% of vegans are recorded in the United States, while 1.1% of the English population is trying to increase this number in the UK. You might say they’re not huge numbers. Still, with more people interested in studying the abuses of eating meat and what this means in an industrialized world, these numbers will skyrocket over the next few years. Could veganism hold the future? Let's dig deeper.

Can A Movement Away From Animal Abuse Be A Fad? 

A lot of you who are trying to take the first steps towards veganism now wonder why vegans decide to go for this change of lifestyle and cut out numerous if not, all products that involve animals. Their motive is not harming or exploiting animals and it certainly is not what you would call a fad. 

You can’t say you have a great desire to be a vegan while you continue to be confused about what’s wrong with occasional meat intake knowing it could come from animal slaughter (oops, too visual?).

Our planet is running out of support. We are feeling crops to animals, which get butchered, and then some of us eat their meat. Why not go straight to eating the plants ourselves instead of filtering it through animals. Factory farming is also a significant reason for climate change. It is much easier to get the nutrients we need straight from the source instead of using animals as a medium. This way, we can leave them alone and let them enjoy life too. 

Veganism is far more profound than just a diet, it's a way of life, and it influences everything you do. This becomes a fad if you treat it like one. Companies are now realizing the huge potential in vegan-friendly products and they are now available in most mainstream stores as well.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Vegan?  

There is a known joke that you don't have to find out if someone is vegan - they will tell you. Also, their skin will prove to you that healthy and respectful living pays off. A vegan diet contains very little oil which in turn benefits the skin. Oil as almost everyone would agree is harmful and the primary cause of several skin woes like pimples, itching, and other kinds of allergies.  

Veganism also limits dairy products' consumption and encourages the intake of food that is high in antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables. Studies have proven that pursuing primarily plant-based nutrition produces brighter complexion and clearer skin. 

Acne is often inevitable among young people who are fond of dairy products as part of their diet. Especially young men and sometimes even young women who consume protein powders to build their muscles, not really comprehending that whey protein powders often bring on the acne. 

Vegetables aren't all that vegans are doing and eating right. Dairy is especially scary for skin, Miami dermatologist Manjula Jegasothy discusses this, "For a lactating cow to give its baby what it needs to grow, that milk will be very high in hormones."

One even called cow's milk, "nature's perfect food to create acne." If you’ve always wondered about acne, you can put milk on the culprit list.

To try veganism or not is one’s choice, but there is never a choice when it comes to taking care of your skin - either you do your part, or you’ll end up dealing with the painful process of mending what could have been avoided when you were younger. 



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