Can Bamboo Straws Be Reused?

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Daunting Fact: Are you aware that plastic products including plastic straws never decompose?

Since the time plastic was invented, humans have manufactured 9.1 billion tons of it, most of which is not even recycled.

Recycling plastic is essential but unfortunately plastic straws always end up in a landfill.

“Plastic straws and other items smaller than two by two inches, such as plastic utensils, fall through the machinery that sorts our recycling,” says Jonathan Kuhl (D.C. Department of Public Works). “Because of this, we ask District residents not to put these small items in their recycling bins.”

Kuhl adds, “The best way to keep plastic straws out of landfills is not to use them — whether you’re at home or in a restaurant. If you’d like to use a straw, there are paper and other non-plastic alternatives.”

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Why Use An Alternative To Plastic?

In the United States alone, close to 500 million straws are disposed every single day- which is enough to circle the Earth’s circumference 2.5 times. Alarming, isn’t it?

Plastic straws are the epitome of needless waste with most Americans having grown habituated to the easy convenience that single-use plastic offers.

Fortunately, most people the world over are starting to realize the horrendous impact of single-use plastic on the environment and are taking a stand to create positive change.

Banning plastic straws was the first step towards eliminating plastic waste and reusable straws were introduced in their place - mainly bamboo, stainless steel and metal straws.

If you are thinking of making the shift away from single-use plastic straws and exploring alternatives, then read right on.

A very popular alternative to single use plastic straws are the reusable bamboo straws and they are the flavour of the season so to speak. So, without further ado, we take you to the very beginning coz that is usually the best place to start.


Why Bamboo Straws?

Bamboo plants grow in profusion, chiefly in tropical weathers of Asia and take around 3-4 years to harvest to full maturity.

Known as the earth’s most sustainable plant, bamboo dispenses 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and consumes more carbon dioxide compared to other plants- which is exactly what the environment needs against global warming.

Made from small stalks of bamboo, bamboo straws are an inimitable eco-friendly substitute to plastic straws. These straws are 100% natural (no chemicals or additives at all!) and contain all the original eco-friendly elements of the actual plant- and are sold ‘as is’ which means they haven’t been altered at all!

They can be reused multiple times for years if they aren’t subjected to rough use and are very easy to clean with a normal straw cleaning brush.

Bamboo straws help diminish the devastating impact of single-use plastic straws especially on the marine life, world over. Who hasn’t seen images of beaches and ocean beds littered with plastic straws among other plastic trash? Need we say more?

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Environmental Effect Of Bamboo Straws

The best thing about bamboo straws is that they can be reused over and over again for a long time without leaving any carbon footprint behind, making them perfectly sustainable and as close to earth friendly as you can get.

Single-use plastic is known to have devastating effects on the environment, causing irreparable damage to coastlines. The best alternative?

Reusable bamboo which after it has outgrown its use can easily be thrown into a compost heap and breaks down into small particles and composts naturally.

So, when you get tired of cleaning your bamboo straws just chuck it into a pot of soil and you are done and the environment and everyone in it doesn’t have to suffer.

Can They Be Reused?

As we mentioned above, bamboo straws can be used over and over AND they do look appealing in any glass of drink and if we may say so, complement cocktails quite well. They make you feel like you’re lounging by the beach, sipping on a strawberry margarita and isn’t that something we all we dream of?

Have a chat with E-Brian below to get the best bargains on Cestash bamboo straws here.

They are sleek, elegant, come in two sizes and have a really heart-warming call to action slogan embossed on each straw. And for a good cause!


Since bamboo is completely organic, they don’t have the lifetime span of metal straws but to make up for that, they are relatively less expensive and with a little bit of creativity can have other numerous other uses - we’re thinking props for decorations or craft projects! Sounds great, right?

Considered to be more cost-effective than their abominable single use plastic counterparts bamboo straws are much easier to dispose off without contributing to pollution or harming the environment. Now, if that doesn’t make you switch to bamboo products, we don’t know what will!

If you’re concerned about the planet then bamboo straws are your best bet since it doesn’t get any eco-friendlier that that.

Like we mentioned about, our pack of 10 bamboo straws come in two sizes - six 8” and four 9” which makes them suitable for every kind of drink from the thick milkshakes to juices or cocktails. Find them here.

Every single bamboo straw from Cestash comes embossed with the phrase ‘Save The Ocean One Straw At A Time’ and each eco-friendly purchase is $0.50 donated to saving the oceans.

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