The Choicest Flowers for Hanging Planters

Imagine a home with the most intricate and designer hanging planter pots but without any flower decor. Indoor hanging baskets lend a rustic look to any interior and bring Nature’s nuances to every space when decorated with colorful flowers.

The list of my personal favorites of indoor flowers is long and selective but here are a few of the best flowers for hanging planters, according to me.

petunia flower in a pot

(Pretty) Petunia:

The word Petunia has two extreme connotations. On one hand, it is defined as ‘anger’ or ‘resentment’ and on the other ‘soothing; the latter being more applicable to its nature. The trumpet-shaped Petunia flowering plant is a preferred choice for hanging baskets around the world.

Native to South America, Petunia comes in 35 different varieties and is popular because of its ornamental flowers that range from single to multi-colors, variegated and even striped. Though classified into 4 primary groups, the common Petunias produce sweet and spicy tasting flowers which make it deliciously edible.

Petunia care:

1. Growth mediums – Water, dry soil.
2. Fertilizer – Fertile soil / liquid fertilizer, if required but once in 3 weeks.
3. Inception – Seeds.
4. Advantage – Repel a large number of pests. Popular choice for bouquets & excellent floral arrangements.
5. Disadvantage – Require special soil conditions. Life cycle of 1 year.

begonia flower in a pot

(Beguiling) Begonia:

A flowering plat of the Begoniaceae, the 1500 species of Begonia can be found across Central and South America, South Asia and Africa. What makes it distinct is its really big asymmetric pink, bronze, green and grey colored leaves.

It is known to thrive well in dry climes because of its succulent stem. Unique because of its monoecious characteristics, it is also famous for producing the smallest seeds ever, in the entire world.

Begonia care:

1. Growth mediums – Water, dry soil.
2. Fertilizer – Well drained Fertile soil.
3. Inception – Fleshy, vertical stems with nodes.
4. Advantage – Develops individual male; female flowers. The plant is used in herbs to treat Cold; Stomach diseases, Rheumatic arthritis, Amenorrhea, Asthma, some cancers and serves as a tonic for the liver, decorative arrangements. History states that in the past, it was used to polish swords.
5. Disadvantage – Require special soil conditions. Life cycle of 1 year.

fuchsia flower in a pot


Probably the only flowering plant that can be found from the sea level to the altitude of 13,900 feet.

A 17th century discovery, the world has about 100 species of the Fuchsia plant which enjoys drooping bell-shaped and tubular bright colored flowers which unfortunately last for a few days in some parts or the world and are visible throughout the year in other parts of the world.

These are some of the best flowers for hanging planters. Nibble on the Fuchsia berries – they are edible, yummy and make for a very healthy diet.

Fuchsia care:

1. Growth mediums – Water, well-drained fertilizer soil.
2. Fertilizer – Liquid plant food.
3. Inception – Seeds.
4. Advantage – Edible seeds. Flowers are powerful antioxidants and are used for garnishing salads. Fuchsia berries are used in cuisine, used in the preparation of jams and some desserts like pudding.
5. Disadvantage – Strangely enough, they don’t like Sunshine. Other than that, they are‘picture perfect’ and make for the best flowers for hanging baskets.

lobelia flower in a pot


The widely popular Lobelia is an annual flower that is found in 400 species which produce delicate petite flowers in colors of red, blue, white and purple. These flowers are brewed in tea and ingested orally to avail of the many health benefits the flowers offer.

Lobelia care:

1. Growth mediums – Moist to very moist, acidic soil.
2. Fertilizer – Regular watering and fertilizing, Pruning, Annual lobelias require thorough once in 3 weeks with a dilute all-purpose plant fertilizer.
3. Inception – Seeds and Nursery transplants.
4. Advantage – Used in recipes. Has many medicinal benefits like combating smoking addiction, thinning of phlegm, stomach cramps, body tensions. Scientific research has affirmed that it helps in prevention of seizures and protection of neurons especially in individuals suffering from Parkinson’s disease.
5. Disadvantage – One single chemical in lobelia products actions similar to nicotine.

sweet alyssum flower in a pot

Sweet Alyssum:

The Sweet Alyssum, a member of the mustard family, is a versatile plant that breeds these dainty flowers are naturally tough to resist drought and heat conditions.

The flowers of pink, purple and white colors are cross-shaped and bloom in abundance for only 5 months of the year, from June until October in some parts of the world but also are known to be in a perennial bloom in other geographical territories.

A favorite with many flower lovers, many like sweet alyssum for its assumed fragrance of honey while others differ in opinion. A low-maintenance plant this dreads frost conditions.

Sweet Alyssum care:

1. Growth mediums – Moist, well-drained soil with organic matter, Ample water during months of Summer.
2. Fertilizer – Weed; Feed Fertilizer once a month.
3. Inception – Seeds, Cuttings of wilted flowers for a re-bloom.
4. Advantage – Earlier used as folk medicine and an antidote to rabid bites. In Spain, it was used as a diuretic and an effective astringent in treating gonorrhea as well as scurvy.
5. Disadvantage – Easily vulnerable to pests if not watered well.

Our world, with its varied weather conditions offers much in in both flora and fauna. From tulips to roses, you can feast your eyes on the best across different locations. I have shared the best flowers for hanging planters which bring much cheer to any interior.

These are easy to maintain, colorful and have many health benefits but above all they bring Nature inside your interiors. A great replacement to artificial décor, these are a popular choice for all nature lovers like me. Join me as I discover more and share their joys with you.

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