We thrive by focussing on value addition. Check out our collection of essentials that aim to add value to your daily life.

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Towards A Better Planet

Each Eco-friendly Purchase From This Collection Is $0.50 Donated To Saving The Ocean

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Party Time Essentials

When one’s just not enough

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From plastic alternatives to kitchen essentials or party essentials for fun times, if it doesn't add value to your life, it's a waste.

Happy Voices!

A commendable initiative indeed. I've already placed an order for a couple! 

by Aalia Lees

I have always loved the flora and fauna but hate getting my hands dirty. Cestash is actually selling planter pots free of nails et al! 

by Eleni Nolan

how cool is the fact that these planters can be mounted on various surfaces. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my shipment. Wow!

by Shakir Derrick

I didn't realize what my coffee restaurant lacked until I came across this website that mentioned these unique planter pots. No headache of watering, spillage or any mess

by Dario Schneider

Something about these hanging plant pots inspired me to place an order for a set!  I have always wanted indoor plants that require minimal care and this fit the bill perfectly. 

by Joanna Howard

This website by far offers ease of understanding its entire offerings without having to pause and ponder even for a second. I’ve included it in my top 5 favorites!

by Lexi Wells

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Cestash Personifies Value Addition

Our energies are focused on getting you essentials that add value to your like in one way or the other. Our various collections (we are still building on some coz we want to get you the pick of the litter) all comprise products that redefine value addition.

Life as we know it is already cluttered. We don’t want to
add to it. All we strive to do is enhance it.